About Us

Art Mulch is committed to providing safe spaces for everyone to grow their flow.

Our Story

Art Mulch originated from partners Mitch Lagos (Australia) and Melissa Gan (Singapore) [[Mitch+Mel=Mulch]] who met and trained at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore with a BA (Honours) Musical Theatre. After working in theatre for a few years, Mitch wanted a greater control of his creative capability. Travelling in Cambodia showed him the love and connection that’s possible in a community and from there he sought to create experience in his own communities. In 2016 he and Melissa were living in a rundown house full of termites in Singapore. They got the idea and then the permission to draw on the walls. They threw a series of graffiti pARTys and after each pARTy they’d paint it white then go again! What it gave people was creative freedom, a space for full self expression, an incredible night of unforgettable fun and a really strong supportive community based in these experiences. Mitch had found his vehicle to create community based in compassion and creativity.

After the house was knocked down, they moved to Melbourne in search of a town to experiment with this project. After a few years of scaled experimenting on paper, hats, shirts, bedsheets, Mitch’s family home bathroom that was being renovated, Mitch has created a team in Melbourne to fulfil on what’s possible with this project: Fun, Freedom and Community!

Mitch intends on creating a permanent space labelling it a “Creativity Gym” then franchising the Art Mulch - Creativity Gym across the world.

Our process

Art Mulch is an international movement that brings fun and freedom to create unique environments to empower creative expression! We recognise people face difficulties fulfilling their creative potential. There is doubt, creative blocks, lack of support and belief systems that don’t support creativity. Without some sort of education or inspiration, people will continue to believe they are not capable of being creative.

We believe that creativity is inherent in all of us and that, given a respectful encouraging space, every person can get in touch with their creativity and release their inner child. We aim to show everyday people how they can express themselves, transform spaces into collaborative works of art and improve themselves and their community in the process.

How do we do this? With an event called Art Mulch - Painting pARTy, where the Venue is a Giant Canvas.

On the base there is a party, on top of that there is live music, performances and interactive installations, and the kicker? The Venue is GIANT CANVAS! What it offers people is a space for full freedom of self expression, an incredible night of unforgettable fun and a really strong supportive community based in these experiences.

Come inside enjoy the people, the music, the poets and comedians, explore the installations and experience your creative expression by destroying the childhood cliche ‘don’t draw on the walls’. Be proud to be part of a giant collaborative artwork, grow your creative flow and learn that EVERYONE has an equal capability to be creative and artistic; ... and it’s really fun!!!!!