Our Project

We want to create a new kind of event: A collaborative art party where the venue is the canvas! It's an event where people invited to explore their creativity through participating in a hands-on collaborative experience. This looks like: painting and drawing on the walls; playing with many artistic styles; engaging with live music and performance art; and exploring art installations.

What is Art Mulch?

Art Mulch is a new international movement that seeks to create unique environments to empower creative expression. We believe that creativity is inherent in all of us and that, given a respectful, encouraging space, every person can get in touch with their creativity and release their inner child. With a focus on fun and freedom, Art Mulch aims to show everyday people how they can express themselves and transform spaces into collaborative works of art, improving themselves and their community in the process.


Please direct all queries to our Creative Director Mitch.
He can be reached by phone on 0490 029 961, or e-mail at mulch@artmulch.com.


If you or someone you know sees an investment opportunity in this project, please get in touch! We are open to sponsorship arrangements concerning venues, supplies, promotion, and anything else you can think of. We see this project as the beginning of a broad movement in Melbourne and beyond, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.